Spirit boxing combines what -- to most people -- might sound like opposites: yoga and boxing. But to me, their pairing makes perfect sense. Both are physically demanding activities that work your body, mind, and heart. Yoga asanas provide dynamic warm-up and peaceful closure; boxing drills in the middle of the workout make my pulse race and drench my clothes in sweat. It's a hard-earned sweat, and it is uplifting.

Felix Endara, independent filmmaker  


Participating in Spirit Boxing changed my relationship to fitness.

Before I saw exercise as a chore and a necessity to be suffered

through. After I felt excited about getting in shape and confident

that I could challenge myself and learn new conditioning skills. I

appreciated that Emily met me at my level and was encouraging and

supportive of my progress. I recommend Spirit Boxing to everyone

looking to be healthy and get in shape.

Eleanor Whitney, author Grow


I'd wanted to box for years, but was afraid it would be all attitude and intimidation. But Emily's intense, rigorous Spirit Boxing workouts emphasize wellness, health, and even social justice. Spirit Boxing is a safe, nurturing space for women and trans folks to grow in strength and confidence. It's a space where I want to jump rope longer, punch harder, and do just a few more jump squats--well, maybe that's getting carried away. Muhammad Ali couldn't make me want to do jump squats.

Nicole Pasulka, Freelance Writer


“So many of us have dealt with street harassment and all that is out there for us is self-defense. Many of us wanted something very different that could help build our confidence in a different way. I feel more confident and strong and it is rare that I am allowed to be authentic in my body as a black feminine trans guy.” 


Working with Emily as a personal trainer was my entrance back into exercise after an injury.  Her individually tailored sessions combined with a rigorous and mindful approach was the perfect combination to build strength and confidence post-injury.  Emily is a knowledgeable athlete, coach and teacher who understands how to work with clients and achieve results.  Her unique combination of boxing, yoga, core strengthening and conditioning makes her an exclusive training option.

Maggie, Staff Developer


It is difficult to express in words how much I grew as an individual as a result of taking part in Spirit Boxing (Levels I and II). Yes, I gained strength, I learned the basics of boxing and eventually gained the tools and techniques required to become a more precise fighter, Yes, I became more flexible and my level of physical fitness improved. If that was all Emily gave me in our eight months together, I would've walked away from my time in class satisfied. But I acquired so much more than physical strength from the time I spent with her: I gained courage and confidence, self respect and self peace. Emily helped me to recognize my 'best' and accept it each time we worked together, whatever that 'best' may be. She is so much more than just a boxing teacher, than just a fitness instructor, coach, or yoga teacher. She is an old soul, an inspiring mentor, and a deeply caring friend. I will return to her for instruction time and time again down the road, because I trust I will walk away from my time with her as a better person.

Courtney Moors, Actor


"This workshop was a challenge, mentally and physically. It demands strength and focus. I love being a bad-ass and calm, strong in muscle and in heart muscle."


"Thank you so much for creating a space that I could participate in. It felt good to do something to help me connect to my body. The positive feedback was nice and I hope to see you compete sometime soon.  Your energy was so fitting for the work we were engaging in. If you don't see me for the next session it would have everything to do with my personal life limitations and not because I don't think I could benefit greatly."


I have had the pleasure of studying both yoga and boxing with Emily.  She approaches her teaching with true humility and as a result, I always felt safe in her workshops and challenged in the best sense.  I grew in physical strength as well as in my sense of myself.  She meets each student where they are in their process.  It's no accident she has the eyes of a tigress.  She is fierce in her practice and loving with her students.

Victoria Libertore, Performer, Curator, Teacher www.howlingvic.com


"As an overweight woman with asthma and bad knees, I thought boxing was the last thing I could do, though I tried it anyway thinking, 'Why not?' After five minutes with Emily, I felt so comfortable and knew that I would be coming back. I'm able to tailor my sessions to work on certain parts of the body, and she's even gotten me to be open to yoga (not an easy feat!) I've had so much fun working with her, and I really appreciate and value the work she does to help me be more confident."


"I think the beginner, more advanced mix was handled well and worked for me, esp. since I hadn’t boxed in a while. No matter your level you could work it."


"I really enjoyed the cool down.  And overall felt that the yoga complimented the high intensity, boxing portion of the class. Brilliant way to fuse the two!"


"Thank you x 1 million, this class has changed my life!!"